Just A Little Babatek


luxury headphonesBaba, means to hold in high regard, something uniquely special, prized and praiseworthy. While there are objects, incidents and people from all over the world that could be labeled ‘baba’, at Babatek we enjoy sharing some of the latest technical advances offered. Although electronics are forever changing and evolving, what may be considered today to be a luxury, to an ever widening horizon, the light line of new babatek is unending.


A tech company known as V-MODA is a premier supplier of luxury headphones. Their company recently announced their new custom 3D Printed jackets created via an additive manufacturing process. The basic headphone is their Crossfade M-100 standard model and priced at a reasonable $270. With options to customize the color, shield aesthetic and design, the price can skyrocket to as much as $40,000. Yes $40,000.