Can You Say Best Baba Ganoush Ever?


Baba_GhanoushMy North American readers know that on the first Monday of September we celebrate Labor Day in the U.S. and Canada. It’s a day to honor working people. Although if you asked the “man in the street” it’s doubtful that most would know what we really are celebrating – they’re just happy to have the day off!

Nonetheless, we universally take it as a day to watch the town parade and fire up the grill and kick back with some family and friends. The day is acknowledged as the unofficial end of summer when the weather starts to get cooler and the kids are back in school. Notably, it’s a time we use to bring us together for one last of the season grill session and some of our best recipes to share at the family picnic or barbecue.

This was no different for this writer as I joined my five siblings, numerous nieces and nephews, cousins, Aunts and Uncles for an end of the summer, Labor Day weekend family reunion. This was not a catered event, but rather a potluck of nearly unimaginable proportions.