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luxury headphonesBaba, means to hold in high regard, something uniquely special, prized and praiseworthy. While there are objects, incidents and people from all over the world that could be labeled ‘baba’, at Babatek we enjoy sharing some of the latest technical advances offered. Although electronics are forever changing and evolving, what may be considered today to be a luxury, to an ever widening horizon, the light line of new babatek is unending.


A tech company known as V-MODA is a premier supplier of luxury headphones. Their web design washington dc based company recently announced their new custom 3D Printed jackets created via an additive manufacturing process. The basic headphone is their Crossfade M-100 standard model and priced at a reasonable $270. With options to customize the color, shield aesthetic and design, the price can skyrocket to as much as $40,000. Yes $40,000.

The options are fairly unlimited, and you can even monogram your personal piece. In the photo below you’ll notice the white base color with a platinum shield and a 3-D studded design with gold screws. Of course you don’t have to go quite to those extents, it all depends on the size of your wallet and imagination – but this is very babatek.

Wearing your tech has been more widely accepted outside the Star Trek convention circles since the introduction of the digital smart watch. Although the word is they suffer from “feature bloat”, and have a long way to go before they become everyone’s gadget of choice, they are still on the rise. With over 60 different wearable gizmos to choose from, anyone can go outside of the normal time and date jaundra.

Wearing an app on your wrist that gives you fitness information as well as text message capability, facebook, video and email updates may be a tidy, little coveted item to own. Wearable applications span the gamete of specialized to goofy. Ranging from wearables that detect an oncoming seizure to those that report when you’ve had too much sun and are at risk for a sunburn, to those which are just sources of entertainment. When the size becomes more attractive along with the price, wearables will be very ‘baba’.

Virtual Reality Goggles

At the CES, Consumers Electronic Show held annually in Las Vegas, the company most highly recognized for their innovation with virtual reality is Oculus VR. With tons of competition from Sulon’s Cortex headset and Razer’s Open Source Virtual Reality, Oculus VR appears to be the most ‘baba’ at present. Taking the lead in the gaming niche, it was recently bought by Facebook for 2 billion dollars. With that kind of muscle behind them their success isn’t considered virtual.

They are using their creativity by branching into the self help field through gaming. For example, willing participants were shown a fully intact, ordinary room, then fitted with goggles. The room then would appear to have a huge crater in the middle. Using what looked like a simple wooden plank they were asked to cross from one side to the other using the plank. This proved to be a thrill for some and a huge challenge for others. This technology has moved into the realm of the science of psychology.

There seems to be no end in sight for where babatek can take us. These three examples are not even a brush of the tip of the mountain. Applications that are still in the minds of men and women today will be on the shelves at the next high powered trade show. Technology is moving fast and the creativity is limitless. baby and virtual reality Sometimes I wonder what my grandchildren’s world will be like? What will they accept as the norm and what will make their eyes go wide?

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